The Corner Gallery

Group show: Gathering

Jul 1 — Aug 27, 2023

The feeling of summer… To me, it implies friends and flowers. Leaning solely on this impression, we are presenting Gathering at the Corner Gallery in Andes, New York. Summer is the unhurried season of long utopic days spent with friends. Gathering after months of being apart in a moment of convergence, this exhibition is a reinvigorating circle of friends in the countryside. Guided by love and kinship, an economy of scale, and our interest in this way of connecting, we invited a group of artists to send us a work on paper representing the summer wildflower of their choice via postal mail.

In many cultures, flowers, real or represented, are used to express feelings. These phenomena of nature become the carriers of appreciation, love, joy, sympathy, friendship and care, while also often conveying or awakening the poetic. With the efflorescence of each bloom, there is also the idea of absolute — non transactional — generosity. In this Catskills space, a meadow of humble blooms is chorally formed and offered. A singular herbarium appears from the plurality of voices and locations gathered.

An herbarium that conveys time, observation and connection. An herbarium that embodies the idea of interrelatedness. A network, as a form of being, comes through. An archipelago of friendship appears. Friendship, a place of flourishing — and sometimes even reinvention — of the self, can also be a place where life can be transformed, even socially and politically. Friendship as a way of life: with love as matrix, it becomes a place of tangible and accessible utopia.

Opening reception: Jul 1, 2 — 6 pm

Organized by: Anne Couillaud

Artists: Juliette Agnel, Nicoletta Agostini, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Ok Hyun Ahn, Fabienne Audeoud, Hemali Bhuta, Mireille Blanc, Alina Bliumis, Jeff Bliumis, Nancy Brooks Brody, Dawn Cerny, Florence Chevallier, Isami Ching, Tyler Coburn, Anne-Lise Coste, Arko Datto, Jeanette Doyle, Xavier Drong, Mario d’Souza, Joy Episalla, Ben Elliot, Nihaal Faizal, Sasha Ferre, Thomas Fougeirol, Julien Gardair, David Gilbert, Philippe Goron, Andre Guenoun, Elana Herzog, Daniel Horowitz, David Horvitz, Shreyas Karle, Fabienne Lasserre, Alexander Lee, Guillaume Leingre, Zoe Leonard, Charlene Liu, Francesca Lohmann, Ariane Lopez-Huici, Myriam Mechita, Rohit Mehndiratta, Matthew Offenbacher, Amarnath Praful, Jessica Rankin, Rob Rhee, Alejandra Seeber, Aude Simone, Stephanie Snider, Mary Temple, Agnes Thurnauer, Tam Van Tran, Raphael de Villers, Melanie Vote, Carrie Yamaoka